Kutir: a gastronomic success story made in England and India

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London’s Best Kept Secret: Discovering the Pinnacle of Indian Dining

Whisper it, but word is going round about an establishment that might just have a strong candidacy for the status of the best Indian restaurant in London. That establishment is housed in an elegant townhouse in a part of west London that is synonymous with exclusivity, affluence, and good taste. 

The biggest revelation of all, however, is a dining experience that represents much more than simply the chance to savour excellent cuisine from across India’s regions. 

We are – of course – referring to Kutir, which has more than made its mark on the capital’s social and gastronomic scene over the last few years. Situated on Lincoln Street, a short walk from local sites like the Saatchi Gallery and Sloane Square tube station, Kutir promises – and delivers – a world apart from the hustle, bustle, and mundanities of everyday life. 

A Short History of How Kutir Came to Be 

To fully understand what Kutir represents to so many of today’s west London diners – and those visiting from further afield – it is necessary to cast an eye back to both a distant and not-so-distant past. 

While Kutir itself only opened its doors in late 2018 – representing the first ‘solo’ venture of Chef Rohit Ghai, alongside his business partner and co-founder Abhishake Sangwan – its story ultimately goes back so much further than that. It can certainly be traced back to Rohit’s own early years in his native Punjab, India, when a whiff of the food in his mother’s kitchen was sufficient to imbue him with a love of gastronomy that has never faded since. 

Rohit went on to study Indian cuisine at New Delhi’s Institute of Hotel Management, before honing his craft at hotel groups around India. He subsequently moved to the UK, and headed kitchens at some of the premier Indian restaurants in London. He ultimately won a Michelin star for his work at Jamavar in London, within 10 months of the establishment’s opening, making him the first Indian chef to achieve this feat. 

The opening of Kutir, however, represented a whole other level of challenge for Rohit and Abhishake – even if the former had built up a remarkable record in the culinary world by 2018, complementing his co-founder’s skills, experience, and high profile in the hospitality industry. 

That challenge was all the more so given the co-founders’ high ambitions for the establishment, which included cultivating innovative dishes representing so much of the best in Indian cuisine. 

To this day, Kutir continues to present a regularly changing menu that embodies the most exciting and satisfying contemporary Indian cuisine, albeit grounded in the country’s many remarkable culinary traditions. 

When such tastefully judged elements are considered alongside the splendid surroundings of the Chelsea townhouse in which Kutir is situated, it can be no great surprise that the venue features increasingly prominently in debates about the identity of the best Indian restaurant in London. 

Why Wait Any Longer to Sample Our Delights? 

Whether you opt to purchase a gift voucher from us to give a valued friend, colleague or loved one a direct opportunity to sample some of the most admired Indian culinary pleasures in the UK capital, or you go ahead and book a table for yourself, we would be pleased to extend our hospitality. 

There is no need to wait any longer to immerse yourself in everything that makes Kutir so special to both our long-time and relatively new diners – and we very much welcome you all.