How to find us

10 Lincoln Street

Opening hours

1pm – 10pm (Tue – Sun)

We welcome you from 1 pm to 10 pm, Tuesday through Sunday, ensuring a delightful experience throughout the week. Explore the diverse menu, seizing the opportunity. Therefore, savour the rich culinary offerings meticulously crafted by Kutir’s skilled chefs. Join us for an exquisite dining experience that promises to elevate your senses and leave you with memorable moments.

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Contact Kutir – Culinary Excellence and Shared Moments

Contact Kutir and embark on an extraordinary journey into the enchanting world of our townhouse nestled in Chelsea’s heart. As you enter, immerse in an atmosphere blending sophistication with warmth. It’s a haven for culinary enthusiasts, seekers of unique experiences, and admirers of Rohit Ghai‘s culinary mastery.

Our townhouse is a testament to Kutir’s essence. for example, it offers an intimate space with meticulously crafted details, evoking refined elegance. From the stylish décor to the inviting ambiance, each element reflects the culinary artistry and cultural richness that define Kutir.

Upon entering, you’ll discover a culinary sanctuary that goes beyond the ordinary. Explore diverse, curated menus blending traditional and contemporary flavours. Promise a gastronomic adventure that tantalizes the senses. Therefore, indulge in signature dishes inspired by India’s wildlife. In fact, each bite celebrates exquisite taste and culinary mastery during convivial celebrations.

Contact Kutir and discover our townhouse, a hub for connection and shared moments beyond culinary delights. As a result, gather in our welcoming spaces. In fact, the spirit of Kutir comes alive through laughter, conversations, and cherished memories within these walls.

Come and visit our Chelsea townhouse, where the world of Kutir awaits to captivate your senses and leave an indelible mark on your culinary journey. Thus, immerse yourself in an extraordinary experience. Moreover, it invites you to savour Chelsea’s richness and Kutir’s distinct charm. Experience the fusion of tradition and innovation in every moment at Kutir.