Kutir Chelsea

Voted one of the Best Indian Restaurant in London.

An Indian Restaurant in Chelsea by Rohit Ghai and Abhishake Sangwan

‘A small cottage in the middle of nowhere.’

In the heart of Chelsea, this elegant townhouse restaurant serves Indian food that’s full of heart, elegance and tradition. Inspired by India’s vast and rich heritage and wildlife, Kutir offers diners the opportunity to enjoy traditional flavours in refined dishes alongside cocktails and a wine list full of rare finds.

Kutir pays homage to India’s rich heritage and wildlife – with a modern menu inspired by the history and splendour of this magnificent part of the world. Step into Kutir and we will transport you to a time of magnificent wildlife, abundant forestry and deep human connection. We promise a place of escapism and discovery – and everyone is welcome to come and explore it.

Restaurant of the Year

We are thrilled to announce that we have been honoured as the ‘Restaurant of the Year’ at the British Restaurant Awards 2022, a testament to our commitment to excellence as a leading Indian restaurant in London.

Facing stiff competition from some of the finest restaurants in the city, this accolade is especially meaningful. Each nominee was outstanding, making our victory all the more rewarding.

Immense gratitude goes to our dedicated team, whose passion and hard work are the backbone of our success. Additionally, a heartfelt thank you to our valued diners, whose support and votes made this possible. At Kutir, everything we do is for you, aimed at providing an unparalleled dining experience among Indian restaurants in London.


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Chef Rohit Ghai at Kutir offers a richly diverse culinary experience, tailored to cater to a variety of tastes and dining preferences.

Guests can indulge in a range of options, from a thoughtfully curated set lunch menu, perfect for a midday escape into the flavours of India, to the more comprehensive Expedition tasting menus, which are designed to take diners on a gastronomic journey through India’s vast and varied culinary landscapes.

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Kutir Chelsea Indian food London

Kutir Chelsea

Nestled within a charming townhouse in the heart of Chelsea, Kutir offers a captivating culinary journey through the vibrant flavours of India. Led by acclaimed chefs Rohit Ghai and Abhishake Sangwan, the restaurant artfully blends tradition with contemporary flair, resulting in dishes that are both elegant and soul-satisfying.

Drawing inspiration from India’s rich heritage and diverse landscapes, Kutir’s menu celebrates the country’s culinary tapestry. Diners can embark on a delectable exploration, savouring dishes crafted with fresh, seasonal ingredients and imbued with aromatic spices. Whether indulging in melt-in-your-mouth lamb rogan josh or the delicate sweetness of mango kulfi, each bite promises an explosion of taste and cultural immersion. Beyond the exquisite cuisine, Kutir boasts an expertly curated wine list and a selection of innovative cocktails, ensuring a well-rounded and memorable dining experience.

Vegetarian Delights

Chef Rohit Ghai has drawn on his culinary experiences in kitchens worldwide. In fact, he fuses home-style cooking with expertly honed techniques, creating dishes bursting with flavour and personality.

Additionally, with sleek interiors and a central statement bar, Kutir offers a beautiful dining room. Moreover, it provides the perfect backdrop for convivial dining, drinking, and snacking. We look forward to welcoming you soon.


If you wish to book large parties, have any dietary, allergy requests, or specific time slot please contact us.

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Opening Hours: 1 pm – 10 pm (Tue – Sun)

New Year’s Closure: 1st – 9th January 2023
Re-opens at 5 pm on 10th January 2023

Come and visit our townhouse in Chelsea and explore the world of Kutir.

10 Lincoln Street