Kutir Among Top Indian Restaurants in 2023 by Food Journalist Ben McCormack

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You might imagine that here at Kutir, we’re always more than happy to receive complimentary coverage of our elegant townhouse eatery, which some people might even go as far as saying is close to being the best Indian restaurant in London.

Is that a rather bold claim to make? Yes, on one hand, Kutir was the first ‘solo’ London restaurant venture of Michelin-starred chef Rohit Ghai and his business partner Abhishake Sangwan when it first opened its doors in 2018. However, we also can’t deny it is up against some seriously formidable competition from around the capital.

This much was recently noted by food and drink journalist Ben McCormack, who – in an article for the Evening Standard – came up with a list of some of the top Indian restaurants in London for 2023. And, yes, Kutir on Chelsea’s Lincoln Street took pride of place.

Kutir’s cooking praised for its “vibrancy” and “distinctive approach”

Explaining his thinking between his rundown of establishments, Mr McCormack said that with certain millennial-friendly “quality mid-market Indians” being “already so well known”, he sought instead to “find space for the neighbourhood restaurants worth an hour of anyone’s time on the tube to discover something new… travel broadens the waist as well as the mind.”

If you’re wondering about our own tube connections, by the way, you will find us just a few minutes walk away from Sloane Square station. But what kind of culinary sensations can you expect when you walk through our door for your table booking?

Certainly, the writer’s own mind (we can’t make any claims about his waist) seemed to be broadened by his experience at Kutir, which he described as “ultra-civilised”. And he had plenty of warm words for our chef, commenting: “Naan bread piled with quail, scrambled eggs and truffle shavings indicate Ghai’s distinctive approach”.

He added: “Masala prawns and soft-shell crab show off beguiling spicing, there’s sweetcorn-topped paneer to soothe the palette with and, when you’ve inevitably eaten too many starters, a guinea fowl biryani to share as a main.”

Away from the dishes themselves, the journalist also took note of our rooftop terrace, which he hailed as “an unexpected alfresco oasis in SW3”, and added that local diners were appreciative of a restaurant “where they can hear themselves think.”

Finally, Mr Cormack advised that “Ghai’s newer spot, Mayfair’s Manthan, is well worth a look, too” – a reference to our sister establishment on the affluent district’s Maddox Street, which is known for gastronomy combining the best in home-style cooking and professional methods.

Why wait any longer to book your table and deliver your own verdict on Kutir?

No matter what positive words are shared in print or on the screen about our splendid venues, we would always recommend that you pay us a visit for yourself. After all, that is the only way you will be able to come to your own informed judgement as to whether we could be the best Indian restaurant in London!

Enquire to us today to book your table at Kutir, and we will be delighted to extend as warm a welcome to you as we do to the food and drink writers who have been so complimentary towards us so far. We hope to keep on impressing you all for many more months and years to come!