The Formidable Culinary Credentials of Rohit Ghai and Abhishake Sangwan

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Award winning restaurantMeet the Key Players Behind Kutir’s Gastronomic Success Story

If you have already been browsing various parts of our website and blog, or even if you haven’t, you might have come across mention of two names. They have been instrumental in making Kutir the gastronomic success story that it is.

Those names are those of our Michelin-starred chef Rohit Ghai and his business partner, Abhishake Sangwan.

But what do these two men stand for in the sphere of high-end Indian cooking, and how might their previous projects and track record influence your decision to dine with us?

Rohit Ghai: One of the World’s Most Sought-after Chefs

To cite the words of Square Mile magazine, “it’s difficult to imagine London without Indian fine dining. With chefs like Rohit Ghai – and restaurants like Kutir – there’s no doubt the accolades will keep on coming.”

Needless to say, Rohit has been no stranger to accolades over his years spent helping to reshape the UK capital’s Indian restaurants. From humble beginnings in his native Punjab, India – where his love affair with food was first cultivated in his mother’s kitchen – Rohit went on to study Indian cuisine at New Delhi’s Institute of Hotel Management, before taking on the world.

It has been quite the journey, including time spent working in and heading kitchens at such esteemed Indian eateries in London as Trishna, Benares, Hoppers, Bombay Bustle, and Jamavar. It was at the latter that he won a Michelin star for the restaurant within just 10 months of that establishment’s opening.

Since then, he has been busy building his own restaurant empire. Kutir became Rohit’s first solo London restaurant when he opened its doors on Chelsea’s Lincoln Street with Abhishake back in 2018. It was followed in 2021 by the opening of Manthan in Mayfair, befittingly where Rohit and Abhishake’s working relationship began a decade ago now (time sure flies).

Abhishake Sangwan: Helping to Make Culinary Dreams a Reality

It’s one thing to have a world-beating chef on your team – and Rohit Ghai is certainly that. But in order to make the complete high-end and authentic Indian gastronomic experiences possible, as venues like Kutir and Manthan offer, you also need something a little… extra.

By that, we’re talking about someone who can take a leading role in transforming exciting dining concepts into reality, including by tying together promising components into a compelling and coherent whole. Abhishake Sangwan has proved himself to be that person over the best part of two decades on the London restaurant scene.

Following stints in Gurgaon, India, and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Abhishake’s career in London began at the world-renowned Red Fort in the early-mid 2000s. He went on to hone his managerial craft at such establishments as Tamarind of Mayfair, Yauatcha and Trishna, before an almost two-year stint as Director of Operations at Jamavar.

From there, Abhishake has continued to go up in the world as co-founder of Kutir and Manthan with Rohit – but much more importantly, he has played an immense role in realising these establishments’ present status as elegant bases for highly rewarding Indian dining. And it’s a story that’s certainly not over yet…

Why Not Experience for Yourself the Reasons for Kutir’s Acclaim?

You don’t need to wait any longer to discover not only the fruits of Rohit and Abhishake’s hard work in opening Kutir in the first place, but also all the innovation, variety, and refinement that have kept the great reviews coming over the years for our award-winning high-end Indian cuisine.

Why not book a table with us today to step into the magnificent, wondrous and stimulating world of Kutir, which remains one of Chelsea’s must-visit prestige dining spaces?